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Cold Cap or Wigs: What’s Best for your Head

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

When a woman is told she has any form of cancer, their world is turned upside down. They are told about the need for chemotherapy and the toll the medicine will have on their body. While this may seem devastating enough, there is nothing quite like being told you will lose your hair. For many women, losing their hair is even worse than the treatment and cancer itself. However, there are ways to manage and handle your hair loss. There is also a new treatment called cold cap therapy, but the price typically outweighs the benefits. So which is best for you, a cold cap or a new wig?


Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


It is of no surprise that most women take great pride in their hair. Women enjoy using their hair to express themselves and show their individuality. When women begin to notice their hair is thinning and even falling out, they may begin to panic and question what is happening to their health. There are a number of different causes of hair loss for women, with some being preventable and others being unavoidable.


The Future of Hair Loss

Friday, January 16th, 2015



According to famed hairstylist Philip Kingsley, women in today’s society are experiencing hair loss more than ever before. He believes that women are not only experiencing thinning hair as they age, but are experiencing a much quicker rate of hair loss as well. It is believed that in the United Kingdom alone, at least eight million women are experiencing some type of hair loss. When cosmetic mogul L’Oreal conducted a study of 2,000 women, they found that one out of three women was experiencing thinning hair. This means that there is sure to be a shift in hair care products and services in the future.


Caring for your Synthetic Wig

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Synthetic-Wig-CareWhen women are dealing with hair loss, the first thing they want to do is cover up their bare head. While some take the time with a human hair wig, others choose the simpler synthetic wig. A synthetic wig is already styled and requires less maintenance than a human hair wig. Women who are only facing a temporary hair loss typically choose a synthetic wig because they tend to be cheaper and require less maintenance than a human hair wig because they normally don’t last as long. However, a synthetic wig still needs to be cared for in order to keep its shape and form. Here are the steps that should be taken when caring for a synthetic wig: