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How to Prevent Stress Induced Hair Loss

Friday, July 7th, 2017
Discover how you can prevent hair loss caused by stress.

Discover how you can prevent hair loss caused by stress.

Stress and anxiety can cause a variety of severe medical issues such as obesity, heart disease, and even hair loss. When a woman experiences a traumatic or stressful event, a disturbance in her natural hair cycle occurs, causing her hair to fall out in clumps. If you believe that your hair loss is caused by stress or anxiety, discover how to prevent it. (more…)

Stress and Hair Loss: A Connection?

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Stress-Hair-LossMost of us have experienced some type of stress in our life. Stress can be felt in a number of different ways and can be caused by various scenarios and situations. One way our body can react to stress is through hair loss, but this doesn’t occur with every type of stress. It is important to understand the different types of stress and how they might play a factor into hair loss.


Stress and Hair Loss

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Wanting to tear your hair out may just be a figure of speech, but did you know that prolonged stress can actually lead to hair loss? Now by stress, we mean something more than just a rough day at the office or a fight you have with your friends: We mean actual, physiological stressors that change the way your body functions, including its hair growth process, in a significant way. What are the top stressors that can lead to hair loss? Wigs and Hair Solutions has the list:

Changing your diet

A dramatic change in your diet, particularly if you are cutting back your calorie intake, can lead to hair loss. Losing weight at a rapid and unhealthy level is a shock to your system that can affect the rate at which your hair replenishes itself.

Having a baby

When you are pregnant, your body produces hormones that actually make your hair stop falling out; as a result, it may feel even fuller and thicker than normal. However, once you have your baby and your body resets itself to its pre-pregnancy state, you might find the change leads to hair loss.

Taking birth control

Whether you go on off birth control pills, your hormones are going to undergo a change. Because of this change, your hair may fall out as your body tries to adjust and compensate for the different levels of hormones.

While there are a variety of factors that can contribute to hair loss, one thing about it is certain: You may not notice hair loss until three to six months after the trigger stressor occurs. But when you do begin to notice hair loss, you can count on Wig and Hair Solutions to help you stay feeling beautiful and confident.

stress and hair lossIf you are dealing with full hair loss, our stylists will work with you to create a custom human hair wig that suits your style. If you are only suffering from partial hair loss, we offer human hair toppers and partial pieces that blend in with your natural hair and mask the hair loss. When you walk into our salon, you never have to worry about feeling weird or abnormal because of your hair loss. We believe all women are beautiful, no matter how much hair they have on their head, but we know that having hair will help our clients feel more like themselves.

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