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  • Women’s History Month: Understanding Hair Loss

    Historically, the road for women has not been paved in silver or gold. Willful women have challenged the status quo, defied gender roles, and shattered glass ceilings.  Every March we honor the accomplishments of amazing women throughout history and remind the… Read More

  • What Can I Expect From Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss?

    Oftentimes, the people that love us withhold information as a way to protect us from harm. This is the case in too many cancer patients whose doctors and friends kept them in the dark about their chemotherapy-induced hair loss. While… Read More

  • Traveling with Your Wig

    The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, but summer isn’t over yet. There’s still time to take those last minute summer vacations you had trouble fitting in earlier in the year. Spend a weekend at the… Read More

  • Hereditary Hair Loss: You’re Not the Only One

    Your hair is not as thick as it once was. When you brush your locks in the morning, you notice that more and more begins to be caught by the brush each time. You’re finding blonde strands in the middle… Read More

  • Win The Fight Against Cancer And Build That Self Esteem

    With such a grievous diagnosis it’s easy to get tangled up in negative self-dialogue, especially once chemotherapy treatment begins. Your cancer diagnosis is much more evident with unfortunate chemo and hair loss. Don’t give in to that nagging internal voice… Read More

  • How Do I Avoid Chemical Damage From Hair Dye?

    Hair coloring products are extremely corrosive, especially if you’re lightening your hair with bleach.  Chemical damage from the wrong hair coloring products cause severe hair loss. With too much processing, the internal fibers and cuticle cells become damaged and start… Read More

  • Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Wigs?

    When deciding on what type of wig is right for you, there are many factors to consider. Its crucial that you find the right wig for you, that will lead to bountiful self-confidence. You’ll need to determine the color, texture,… Read More

  • Wigs and Hair Solutions: Custom Wigs for Women

    At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we specialize in helping women through hair loss during difficult medical times with custom wigs for women. Our specialists understand how important it is for women to keep their identity during such a harsh time…. Read More