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Confidence with your Custom Wig

Confidence with WigsDistraught. Lost. Alone. Vulnerable. Naked.

When a woman loses her hair from conditions outside of her control, the effects can be devastating. Women who choose to shave their head tend to feel liberated because it was their own choice. But when a woman’s hair is taken from them, almost stolen from them, they feel far from liberated. They feel a loss of confidence and even a loss of self.  There are several health and medical reasons that cause hair loss in women, including:


  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation Treatment
  3. Chemical Damage
  4. Alopecia
  5. Burns and Scars
  6. Drugs, Surgery, Stress


Once their hair is gone, women aren’t sure what to do and how to handle the loss. To some, losing your hair may not seem like such a devastating thing, but to women who aren’t sure when their hair will come back, it can feel like their world is shattering. Hair loss can cause women to feel depressed, unworthy, and ugly. This means women suffering from hair loss don’t want to leave their home or experience life as they previously knew it. But this doesn’t have to be the case.


Women now have the choice of a custom human hair wig while dealing with their hair loss. While the idea of wearing a wig may seem stressful and overwhelming to women, they should know how empowering wearing a wig can be. Women use their hair as a way of expressing themselves. Through different cuts, colors, styles, and accessories, a woman can say a lot about herself by her hair. Wearing a custom wig can allow you to do the same thing while coping with your hair loss. Human hair wigs allow you to feel like yourself again. With a custom wig, you are able to enjoy trips to the salon like you used to. You can go through the motions of deciding on a cut and how to style your hair from day to day. You are able to color your wig and use curling irons as well to customize your wig to suite your needs. With your custom wig, you are able to leave your house with confidence as you face the day ahead. You know you are beautiful, but the sudden loss of hair can take that feeling away from you. Feel beautiful again as you wear your custom human hair wig.


At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we specialize in the customization and maintenance of both synthetic and human hair wigs. Owner Bonnie Grauer is a 9 year cancer survivor who understands just what you are going through while dealing with hair loss. You will never feel rushed or judged when you enter our salon and you will leave with the confidence you deserve.


To schedule your first consultation, call Wigs and Hair Solutions today at 410.720.8588.


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