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Fun Wig Facts

Wig-AccessoryIf you are faced with the reality of having to wear a wig because of hair loss, you may feel depressed and overwhelmed. Women take pride in their hair, so having it lost to be replaced with a wig can be a difficult reality to face. However, with a positive outlook and the right kind of wig, this new reality can be easy to get used to. If that isn’t enough encouragement, maybe these fun wig facts can help!


  • The word “wig” was adapted from the original English word “periwig”, which was a wig worn by judges and aristocrats. It is estimated that the word “wig” was used starting around the year 1675.
  • The use of wigs has dated back to ancient Egyptian times, where wigs were worn to protect the shaved heads of the Egyptians.
  • “The Virgin Queen”, Queen Elizabeth I, was known for owning at least 150 wigs.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary has the definition of a wig as either a “kind of bun” or a “small cake made from fine flour.”
  • Mozart had to wear wigs because of a deformity to his left ear.
  • The term “bigwig” originated during colonial times when it was mandatory that officials and aristocrats had to wear wigs. The bigger your wig, the higher your reputation.
  • During 1765, a petition was created and signed by wig makers. The petition was to ask George the Third to make it a law that specific professions must wear wigs.
  • Britain government officials still wear wigs to show respect for the office in which they serve.
  • The Lord of the Rings the Two Towers is the winner for most wigs ever made for a single movie.
  • The most expensive wig ever auctioned off was one that belonged to Andy Warhol, which sold at $10,800.


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