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The New Wig: How to Handle

New-WigIf you are wearing a new wig for the first time, the experience can be unsettling and uncomfortable. Many women feel as though the new wig is obvious to everyone around them, including strangers, and worry that everyone they pass will be staring. It is important for women who are about to wear a new wig to remember that hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter what the cause may be for your hair loss, a new wig should not hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting with your new wig.

  • Your new wig should help you gain confidence, not lose more. As long as you don’t draw attention to your wig, chances are those around you won’t even notice.
  • Keep in mind that your new wig provides you with options. Never feel as though you have to wear the wig as you bought it. The wig can be trimmed and shaped to make you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Shampoo and conditioner should only be used on a wig if the label says so. Never use normal products on a wig in order to extend the life of wear. This will save you money on replacing your wig over time.
  • Human hair wigs are created to allow you to color and style your hair. This allows you to try something new or stick with the style you had prior to your hair loss.
  • If possible, have a second wig on hand in case you run into any problems with your new wig.
  • Never be afraid to try new styles or lengths with your new wig. While some people may notice the sudden change, it’s perfectly normal to want to have fun with your wig to help with the adjustment process.
  • Never shy away from asking your stylist questions about your new wig. They are here to help you look and feel your best in your new wig, so ask any questions you may have to feel your most confident.


At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we help our clients with their hair loss. If you find yourself experiencing hair loss, call us to discuss options. We specialize in custom synthetic and human hair wigs, partial pieces, and toppers to cover any level of hair loss. Whether your hair loss is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, our stylists will be able to create the look you want with a high quality wig, topper, or partial piece.

To schedule an initial consultation with Wigs and Hair Solutions in Columbia, call us today at 410-720-8588. You can also visit us in the Medical Pavilion at Howard County.



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