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The Truth about Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss MythsThere are a number of myths that surround us in our lives. While some myths have no bearing on our lives, others tend to affect our everyday actions. There are several myths that surround the topic of hair loss. While some hair loss myths have truth to them, others are completely false.

Here are some popular hair loss myths and the truth behind them:

  1. Your mother causes your hair loss.
    1. While your mother’s heredity can influence hair loss, a balding father could mean a balding son.
  2. Hats can cause balding.
    1. Wearing a hat will not cause thinning in hair, but a dirty hat can cause an infection of the scalp. This infection could then cause hair thinning or loss.
  3. Balding occurs when you are “old”.
    1. Balding or thinning can occur as young as twenty years of age.
  4. Treatments can prevent hair loss.
    1. Some hair loss treatments have been proven to prevent or slow hair loss. Discuss potential with your doctor.
  5. Hair products cause balding and hair loss.
    1. Popular hair products like hair spray and styling gel will not cause hair loss. Over processing your hair by coloring or perming the hair, can however cause thinning.
  6. Sun exposure can cause hair loss.
    1. Exposure to the sun will not cause hair loss.


If you are beginning to suffer from hair loss, never panic. There are ways to manage hair loss and balding without taking away from your lifestyle. At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we specialize in custom human hair wigs along with human hair toppers and partial pieces. We also specialize in ready to wear synthetic wigs and hairpieces.  We will work with you to determine the state of your hair loss and which style of wig would work best for you. We will discuss your lifestyle, past hair styles, and other aspects of your life to customize a wig that will give you back your confidence and well-being. If you have a question about a hair loss myth, never hesitate to ask one of our stylists!

To schedule an initial consultation with Wigs and Hair Solutions in Columbia, call us today at 410-720-8588. You can also visit us in the Medical Pavilion at Howard County.

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