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Wig Wearing Tips for New Clients


New Wig

When it comes to wearing a wig for the first time, many women are overwhelmed and intimidated. A woman’s hair is how she helps to express herself, and losing her hair can be devastating. While a woman is still feeling low about her hair loss, a wig may not necessarily help her right away. However, women shouldn’t feel discouraged about wearing and owning a wig. Here are some tips to help with the adjustment:


  1. Wear your new wig with confidence! Never feel ashamed or embarrassed of your new wig, chances are you have held a conversation with someone wearing a wig and never even noticed.
  2. Never be afraid to customize your new human hair wig. Your wig can be shaped, trimmed, and thinned to fit your style and match the type of haircut you are used to having.
  3. Have fun with your wig and try out different color options! Human hair wigs have the ability to be colored like normal, so try out some highlights for a nice change.
  4. A wig is your chance to experiment with new hairstyles. Experiment with different lengths and textures until you find a match for you.
  5. Human hair wigs and some synthetic wigs can be styled using heated products, like a curling iron. This allows you to change your look from day to day.
  6. Purchase shampoo and conditioner that will help maintain and preserve your wig. Although wigs can look and feel like normal hair, they cannot be washed with normal shampoo. The same concept applies to styling products as well. Regular creams and sprays have the potential to cause build up on a wig.
  7. When you purchase your first wig, choose a style that resembles your original hair. This will help you feel more comfortable wearing a wig. Once you have become accustomed, you can experiment with different colors and styles!
  8. Try to have two wigs on hand instead of just one. This will come in handy if a problem should arise with one of your choices.
  9. Accessorize your wig with a headband, scarf, or hat to allow your personality to shine through.
  10. If you find your wig to be too shiny, use hair powder to make the wig appear more natural.




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