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Alopecia Myths, Fact or Fiction?

Alopecia Myths, Fact or Fiction?

Most people understand alopecia at surface level, plenty do not understand it fully.

While alopecia is now referenced a bit more commonly nowadays, the correct understanding of the disease is still a mystery to many. Most people understand the disease at surface level, but plenty do not understand what causes it, what types of alopecia there are, just to name a few. To shed some light on the touchy subject, here is a list of the most common alopecia myths along with the answers to the questions that you and others might have.

Fact or Fiction: When You Have Alopecia, You Will Begin to Exhibit Other Symptoms

The truth? Alopecia is asymptomatic, which leaves you with only one telling symptom: hair loss. This means no headaches, muscle aches, stomach pains that would be attributed to alopecia. In a few cases, alopecia might be present in places not distinctly visible (like the back of your scalp), leaving the person unaware hair loss has begun to occur.

Fact or Fiction: Alopecia Can Be Cured

As of right now, there isn’t a known cure for alopecia. However, there are plenty of treatments available. Most treatment options revolve around injections or corticosteroid creams. Studies do show corticosteroids do reduce the amount of hair loss and boost the rate of hair regrowth. Research is underway to test many more treatment methods to make the process easier.

Fact or Fiction: Alopecia Is a Type of Cancer

Although many might think alopecia is a type of cancer, this is not true at all. It’s an autoimmune disorder. Your body’s immune system is meant to shield you from illnesses. A healthy immune system works to target and takes down any threats. With an autoimmune disorder, your immune system will begin to target your body’s own healthy cells, which causes diseases like alopecia.

Fact or Fiction: Alopecia Can Be Fatal

While alopecia can be a lot to deal with, it is 100%, not a deadly disorder. Just make sure to pay attention to it, because issues with your immune system could potentially lead to other problems.

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