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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Toppers

Discover how you can flaunt your new wig confidently with the following tips!

Are you thinking about purchasing your first hair topper?

Choosing to wear a hairpiece, whether it’s a full wig or a hair topper, is a big decision in a woman’s life. Not only does she need to consider her personal style, but she also needs to evaluate her specific level of hair loss. If you’re experiencing partial hair loss or thinning hair, a hair topper might be the best choice for you. Learn more about hair toppers, and schedule a private consultation at Wigs and Hair Solutions.

Is a Hair Topper a Wig?

Much like a wig, a hair topper provides coverage for women with hair loss or thinning hair. However, hair toppers do not provide full coverage,  and instead, aim to cover the specific region of hair loss. They’re designed to blend in with a woman’s existing hair, thus creating the look of a full, voluminous head of hair.

Are Hair Toppers One-Size-Fits-All?

Hair toppers are created with you in mind. If you have a bald spot, you only need a small topper to cover the balding area. If your hair is very thin, or you have several bald spots, you may consider a larger topper to provide more coverage. Hair toppers are solutions tailored to you, so no two are exactly the same.

Are Hair Toppers Uncomfortable?

On the contrary, hair toppers are actually one of the most comfortable types of hair pieces. They’re lightweight and breathable, perfect during those summer days at the park! What’s more, they come in two different bases (monofilament and classic), so you can choose how to secure your hair topper based on your preference.  

Do Hair Toppers Look Realistic?

Hair toppers blend in with your existing hair, so they create a healthy, natural appearance. They come in all kinds of colors, styles, and lengths, so you can choose the one that best matches your current aesthetic. Try one on for size, and we know you’ll feel confident and beautiful with your new look!


Bonnie Grauer, the owner of Wigs and Hair Solutions, has been a breast cancer survivor for 11 years and is invigorated by helping cancer patients and hair loss sufferers feel confident through her wig services. She has also previously owned Symmetry Hair Studio, where she acquired 25 years of experience in wigs and hair loss solutions.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we help our clients with their hair loss. We specialize in human hair wigs, partial pieces, and toppers to cover any level of hair loss. Whether your hair loss is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, or is medically-related, Bonnie will be able to create the look you want with a high-quality wig, topper, or partial piece.

To schedule a private initial consultation with Wigs and Hair Solutions in Columbia, call us today at 410-720-8588. You can visit us online or send us an email at with any questions or concerns.

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