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What to Consider Before Selecting a Hair Topper

Discover four important things to consider before purchasing your first hair topper.

Discover four important things to consider before purchasing your first hair topper.

A hair topper can be the perfect solution for women looking to add volume or coverage to their thinning hair. Selecting the right topper might seem like an intimidating process, but Wigs and Hair Solutions can help you every step of the way. Discover four important things to consider before purchasing your first hair topper.

The Type of Hair Loss

Nearly half of all women have visible hair loss by age 40, but every woman experiences hair loss differently. Schedule an appointment with a doctor to determine the cause of your hair loss. Whether your hair is thinning gradually or you’re experiencing bald spots on your crown, it’s important to grasp your specific hair loss before choosing a topper.

Synthetic or Human Hair

Most women choose between synthetic or human hair wigs. While both are wonderful options, only one will suit you best. If you don’t know the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs, visit a wig and hair specialist to try both options on for size.

Length and Color

Most wig toppers are selected to blend with your natural hair. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose a topper that matches your exact hair length and color. Some wearers choose to dye their natural hair according to their topper! To find the best fit, schedule a consultation with a specialist and try a few options on for yourself.

Choose a Base

Determining your type of hair loss is essential before selecting a base. Monofilament bases are constructed of individually attached hairs to a delicate meshing, while wefted bases feature rows of hair. Hair toppers with a monofilament base are preferred for women with severe hair loss, while hair toppers with a wefted base are more suited for women with thinning hair or slight bald patches.

Call Wigs and Hair Solutions

Whether your hair loss is minor or severe, talking to a local wig and hair replacement specialist can help. At Wigs and Hair Solutions, you can choose the wig, hair topper, or hairpiece that fits you best. If you’re not ready to wear a wig just yet, schedule a consultation regardless. There are always options for women with hair loss.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we help our clients with their hair loss. We specialize in human hair wigs, partial pieces, and toppers to cover any level of hair loss. Whether your hair loss is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, or is medically-related, Bonnie will be able to create the look you want with a high-quality wig, topper, or partial piece.

To schedule a private initial consultation with Wigs and Hair Solutions in Columbia, call us today at 410-720-8588. You can visit us online or send us an email at with any questions or concerns.

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