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Choosing your Wig Hairstyle

Wig Hairsyle

When you are faced with choosing a new custom human hair wig, your world may seem constricted and bleak. Most women believe that a wig means one universal, unflattering style that they are forced to wear. However, a custom human hair wig has the ability to be cut, shaped, colored, and styled to your satisfaction. This means choosing the hairstyle that is best for you, and never feeling trapped. This allows you the freedom to choose a hairstyle that matches your personality and suits your lifestyle. There are several things to consider as you choose your new wig hairstyle.

  1. Never choose a wig hairstyle because you think you have no other choice. There are plenty of “rules” and suggestions out there saying which haircuts and hairstyles are best for certain ages and face shapes, but they are never set in stone. The most important thing when choosing a wig hairstyle is that you feel comfortable and confident.
  2. Many of the hair trends today can work on any face shape. The real key to making a hairstyle work is through styling.
  3. Consider any characteristics of your face that you may not want to draw attention to. Once you have determined these areas, choose a wig hairstyle that compliments your face shape without highlighting the areas you wish to have blend in.
  4. Determine what type of face shape you have. The most commonly categorized face shapes include, oval, heart, square, round, and long.
  5. Never be afraid to try something new. A short cut can look chic and edgy while a longer cut with bangs can be bold. Going into a haircut for your wig with the feeling of being limited or stuck will only make you dislike the final product. Talk with your stylist to determine which new hairstyle will work best for you and your new wig.


At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we work with our clients to determine the wig hairstyle that will suit them best. Our trained hair stylists will ask you several questions to determine what type of wig will work best with your lifestyle and overall fashion style.

To schedule an initial consultation with Wigs and Hair Solutions in Columbia, call us today at 410-720-8588. You can also visit us in the Medical Pavilion at Howard County.

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