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About Human Hair Wigs, Pieces, and Toppers

When you are faced with hair loss due to a medical condition, it can take a devastating toll on your spirit. Women feel a connection with their hair; we use our hair to express ourselves and without it, we can feel naked and vulnerable. However, there are many options for women experiencing all types of hair loss. The options and choices can be overwhelming, so take your time and learn about each option to decide which is best for you. One of your options is a custom human hair wig, partial hair piece or topper. Not all hair loss requires a full wig….

Human Hair Custom WigsA custom wig uses all natural human hair that looks and feels more natural than a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs may last up to a year when cared for properly while enduring more styling than a synthetic wig. A synthetic wig normally lasts only 6 months. A human hair wig uses hair from about 8 different people from different ethnicities. The most common used hair is from those of European, Indian and Chinese ethnicity. European is beneficial because of its fine texture. This allows it to look most natural and feels silkier. Chinese and Indian hair is thicker, which allows it to more durable and handle more chemical processing. Wigs made from human hair can be treated like your own hair more so than a synthetic wig. Human hair can be customized by cuts and coloring and can be styled using a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron.
Remy hair, which is considered to be the highest quality of human hair, can be used for human hair wigs. Remy hair is so special because it is never stripped during the wig making process. The slower process protects the cuticle which in turn keeps the cuticle intact. This allows hair to stay healthier and strong and look the most natural. Remy hair wigs offer the longest wear and they remain tangle free.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we specialize in the customization and maintenance of human hair wigs
and hair pieces. Our owner, Bonnie Grauer, connects with each of our clients through her own story;
she is a 9year breast cancer survivor. We will work with our clients to find the best style of wig that
works for them, allowing each and every woman that step through our door to feel the confidence they
need to face such an uphill battle.

To receive your human hair wig consultation, Call Wigs and Hair Solutions today at 410.720.8588.
We are located at the Medical Pavilion at Howard County. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,
Google+ and Pinterest as well!

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