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Toppers and Partial Pieces

Custom partial pieces and toppersWhen you are faced with hair loss, a wig may seem like a daunting accessory to soon wear. As soon as a woman is told that she will lose her hair, she immediately thinks of a wig, and that can be very overwhelming. However, a wig isn’t the only answer when dealing with hair loss. Women also have the option of hair toppers and partial pieces when facing hair loss.

Toppers and partial pieces are designed to help with partial hair loss and thinning hair. Depending on the severity of your hair loss will depend on what piece you should consider. The type of piece you choose should be based on where your hair loss or thinning is taking place and how dense the rest of your hair is. The main idea with using these options is to have the hair piece blend with your already existing hair. Here are some tips when choosing your toppers and partial pieces:

  1. Clip in Bangs- If your hair loss and thinning is taking place at the front of your hairline, consider clip in bangs. This will make your hairline appear more even and full.
  2. Small Base Toppers- If you begin to notice your hair thinning around the part of your hair, choose a small base topper or hair piece. This creates a fuller look on top while being light to wear.
  3. Large Base Toppers- If the hair loss and thinning is covering a larger portion of your top rather than just the part, consider a large base topper or piece. This will cover a larger area on top while still not being as overwhelming and heavy as a wig.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we work with our clients to style a partial hair piece or topper. We will help you choose which topper or piece will blend best with your current hair and make you feel the least self-conscious. Toppers and hair pieces can be made as synthetic and with human hair. If you are faced with hair loss, but don’t feel ready for a full wig, consult Wigs and Hair Solutions about partial pieces and toppers.

Wigs and Hair Solutions was created by Bonnie Grauer who has over 25 years of styling experience and is currently a 9 year breast cancer survivor. We understand how hard hair loss can be and work to create a look that helps you regain your confidence.

To schedule a consultation for a hair topper or partial piece, call Wigs and Hair Solutions today at 410.720.8588 or click here today. Follow us today on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!


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